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Наша история

Ruhi Palace is an Ada Apart & Kuşkayası Souvenir company. It was founded in 1996 by Ruhi Özman (1956-2021) and is now run by his family with pleasure.

После того, как мы потеряли нашего отца Рухи Озмана, мы решили поставить его имя на квартире его мечты. Наша семейная квартира с этим великолепным видом теперь готова принять наших гостей почувствуйте себя местным жителем Амасры!

Our apartment manager Muhammet is looking forward to contact with you!

Наши счастливые гости



Наши ценности

As a lodging place that shapes our values for the future, we welcome our guests with an understanding that embraces nature, art, history, and the sea. We are a family who loves excursions, embraces the principle of sustainability, and aims to create a happy environment together.

The happiness of our guests is realized when we work hand in hand with our staff to provide a flawless experience during each visit. Sharing our own values with our guests, it is our greatest joy when they leave our premises satisfied.

We invite you to Ruhi Palas (Ada Apart) to explore life’s beauties and create unforgettable memories.


Sumaya Sidat (Google Review)

Ada Apart Pansiyon or Ruhi’s Palace is a stunning 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and closed off veranda / dining area that is perfectly situated.
The views from this apartment are stunning. It’s within close walking distance to the street market, restaurants, park, harbor and island. It has wonderful views of the bridge.
We thoroughly enjoyed staying here.